Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ukraine and the Caspian

This is an issue paper from the Rand Institute written in 2000. Rand is a right wing think tank from the US which unabashedly supports US imperialism. Click on the title for the full article which might help us understand how Ukraine got into this situation.

An Opportunity for the United States

Olga Oliker

The United States has said that the Caspian region, and the development of its energy resources, is a key national security interest. It has also made clear its commitment to the independence of Ukraine. But current options for Caspian oil transport are beset with political and logistical problems and, therefore, fall far short of guaranteeing the safe, secure export of Caspian oil in the short or long term. At the same time, Russia's increasing stranglehold on Ukraine's energy imports does not bode well for the smaller country's ability to maintain its hard-won sovereignty, and it increases the risk that Ukraine will call on the United States and its NATO allies to stand behind it against Russia. The development of an export route for Caspian oil through Ukraine is a cheap and effective means of ameliorating both problems, and thus an approach that Washington should support. . .


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