Wednesday, November 24, 2004

US to deploy "Star War" system in Europe within five years

This from the People's Daily Online (China)

According to British newspaper The Independent, US plans to deploy "Star War" missile defence system in Europe within five years, which can house at least ten missiles. Meanwhile, the US Defence Ministry has also decided to build a new missile defence base in Europe, which is now being planned.

The commander of US Missile Defence Troops officially unveiled the plan in a press interview that the US will purchase missiles next October for a new missile defence base in Europe and decide in which country the base is likely to be set up. He also noted that UK is trying its best to win the bid, which irritated some opposition parliamentarians and national defence analysts saying the British government intentionally hides truth from the parliament and voters.

US President George W. Bush has spent 10 billion US dollars on the construction of missile defence system to prevent the US continent and its European alliances from any possible missile attacks by the so-called "rogue countries". The establishment of a missile base in Europe is a key to this plan. In the past, the US has had two such bases in the states of Alaska and California.

It is reported that British Prime Minister Tony Blair has made an informal guarantee to Bush last month allowing the US to deploy missiles in UK. However, the US commander insisted on his knowing nothing about that. "We are now currently negotiating with some countries on the relevant issues of setting up the third missile defence base. Besides the UK, we are also making contacts with other countries", added the US commander.

As for the issue of missile purchase next year, the US commander said "in the year of 2006 we will get a large amount of military expenditure budget, which will be enforced from October 2005."

Currently, the US missile defence institution is conducting the "technology assessment" on the possible location of the system to see whether it is appropriate for the construction of missile launching silo and whether the electric facilities and road conditions are feasible. The countries selected by the organization are Poland, Czech and Hungary, but the US Defence Ministry and other foreign affair departments insist on the missile defence base be built in UK.

By People's Daily Online


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