Monday, December 06, 2004

Save us from the politicians who have God on their side

This from the former editor of the Daily Telegraph, Max Hastings. Wouldn't normally blogg anything by such a right wing figure but this lament about the grip that religion has over our leaders is worth a read. Click the title to link to full story - PolPop

These American hijackers have made the world a more dangerous place

Max Hastings
Monday December 6, 2004
The Guardian

A week in the United States, such as I have just spent, is enough to make anybody feel a trifle fed up with God, or rather with the relentless invocation of the deity by American politicians, led by their president. No public occasion would be complete without the blessing of the Almighty being besought for whatever endeavour tops the agenda, most prominently the war in Iraq. The appeal to faith, seldom mere ritual, is usually founded upon conviction.


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