Tuesday, November 30, 2004

PR Man to Europe's Nastiest Regimes

This is an article about John Laughland from Guardian G2 section today and I include it for the sack of trying to obtain an all round view of the situation. There is already a link to an article by Laughland (Western Aggression: How the West are Intervening in the Ukraine elections) on this site which you can also read. Click on the title to link to the page - PolPop.

David Aaronovitch
Tuesday November 30, 2004
The Guardian

Whenever, as this past week, eastern Europe is on the news, so too is a man called John Laughland. Last Sunday he was playing Ukrainian expert on the BBC's The World This Weekend, the day before he was here in the Guardian defending the Ukrainian election "result", and at the beginning of the month he was writing for the Spectator - also on Ukraine. . .


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