Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Beware Aaronovitch

Yesterday, for the sake of balance, I posted a link to an article in The Guardian in which Aaronovitch criticises Laughland (article by him posted earlier). But to be criticised by this guy is probably good for your reputation. Below is a quote from another article by Aaronovitch in which he sings the praises of the gangster, US-imposed, so-called Iraqi Interim Government.

"Right now, in Iraq, a disparate bunch of extraordinarily brave men and women are trying to bring about a new future. They are Shia clerics, communists, academics, trade unionists, Kurdish autonomists and even some feminists. The kind of people that George Galloway, who supped with the Saddamites even as these others languished in jail, calls - using his trademark moral inversion - "quislings". They're the ones who will be risking everything to register their compatriots to vote, to formulate a new constitution and give birth to a new Middle East. No wonder then, that other corrupt regimes and violent bigots so loathe them."

These `extraordinarily brave men and women' were the ones anxious for the US to destroy Fallujah on their behalf. When it was `discovered' that Iraq had no WMD the new rationale for the war was that Saddam was a brutal dictator `who killed his own people'. This lot not only kill their own people they act like a bunch of cheer leaders whilst it is going on - PolPop.


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